ELA ELD Materials Fair: Face the Conundrum!

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Hard to believe it but we are already half-way through September! So much is happening for everyone in education these days. One of the things that many schools and districts are wrestling with now is finding appropriate Common Core-aligned materials. This is the case whether looking for complete curriculum programs, supplemental resources, or technological enhancements for the materials already in use in our classrooms.

This really is a conundrum right now: should we adopt the first round of Common Core-aligned curriculum programs at great cost, or continue to use the programs already in place, and instead design units or lessons with supplemental materials? There is no correct answer and there’s no one right way.

To help you make your decision, we are holding an ELA and ELD Materials Fair this October 3rd at the Alameda County Office of Education. There will be some Board-approved curriculum programs presented, as well as a large selection of supplemental materials and technological programs for you to peruse and even try. We hope you can come and take advantage of this free opportunity to explore and engage with a wide variety of materials and programs to support ELA and ELD teachers and students. No registration is required–just click on the image of the flyer above to download the full-sized flyer with all the details!

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