Interactive Video? Isn’t That an Oxymoron??

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Do you use videos in blended or flipped classroom environment? Want to increase student engagement and accountability while gleaning information about what students are actually getting out of your video lesson? Then check out Educanon

     Educanon allows teachers to start with any video content, yes any (YouTube, Vimeo, your own, etc) and turn it into an interactive ‘lesson’. You can embed questions of various style, multiple choice, true false even free response, at any point during the video.  Then when students watch yuor video lesson, the video stops, at the exact spot you inserted the question, and asks the question and requires the student to answer before the video resumes playing.
     It even prevents students from fast forwarding through the video until after they have watched the entire piece at least once and answered your embedded questions.This creates smaller digestible components and keeps students’ attention, as well as allows teachers to monitor responses and use the information to adjust their instruction.
Educanon allows teachers to:

“Customize existing online content to the needs of your students in a medium that is designed for learning.”

eduCanon is a webapp. eduCanon works on all major browsers, the best experience comes from Google Chrome and Safari. It works on Macs, PCs, and is even responsive to iPads. You can even embed it into your website or blog!
Click on the image below for a short introductory video, super eazy to use and FREE!


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