Mystery Skype: Give Your Students the World

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Last week, we blogged about Skype’s cutting-edge new service, Translator, which allows users to speak in their native language to others, who see and hear a translation in their own language.  We ended the blog with the following question:

As an educator, how could you use this new service with your students?

Mystery Skype answers that question. On this website, classes from around the world can connect with each other to play “Mystery Skype,” an educational game wherein each class tries to ascertain the location of another class through a series of questions.

In addition to playing this game, Mystery Skype’s page contains the bios of teachers who are signed up.  These bios contain information about the student age groups the educators serve, as well as upcoming project ideas they would like to work on in partnership with other teachers/classes.

-Maria Vlahiotis, Literacy Specialist, ACOE Core Learning

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