Give Your Students the Gift of Epic! Books

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Why is it that movies are available on demand, but books are not?  That is the question a group of parents asked themselves before deciding to create Epic!, a subscription book service for children ages 1-12.  Considered the “Netflix of children’s books,”  Epic! offers an unlimited and high-quality selection of eBooks that are available on the App Store, the Google Play store, and on your favorite browser.  These books are streamed instantly with a wifi connection; books that children want to read offline can be downloaded and read later.

Epic! has a wide range of capabilities.  Children can set their own preferences for book genre, and Epic! will offer recommendations.  Books for younger children are accompanied by high-quality audio.  Books for older children include chapter books, many of which are well-known titles, both contemporary and classic.  Students can rate each book, and “favorite” books to add them to their personal bookshelves.

What’s the best news?  Teachers can sign up for FREE accounts!  While the selection of books on these free accounts is smaller than with paid accounts, teachers can monitor students’ reading without having to pay a dime.  Teachers can view the books students have read, the time they spent reading them, and the time they just spent flipping through!  (What a quick and easy way to see if students completed their required reading!)

Epic! is a great subscription service to provide to your children in the fight against summer slide, as well as to instill the love of learning and exposure to a variety of books instantly.  Get your students reading this summer with Epic!

*Note: our posts are never sponsored…if we are raving a little too much, it is because we are a little too excited about this amazing product!

-Maria Vlahiotis, Literacy Specialist, ACOE Core Learning

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