What Do the SBAC Scores Mean?

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GreatKids Test Score ReportThe SBAC scores have been released to districts, and are about to be released to the public.  But what do the scores mean, and how have they been organized?

The California Department of Education (CDE) has created a guide to the score report, which highlights the most important pieces of information.  Each student will receive an overall score in English language arts/literacy, and another in mathematics.  An additional score, this one for science, is also provided for certain grade levels–however, this test was administered as a CST test, and not an SBAC test.  At the eleventh grade level, the Early Assessment Program (EAP) status is also shown.

On the second page of the score report, the literacy and math overall scores are broken down by “areas” (or what the SBAC blueprint refers to as “claims”).  The four literacy areas are reading, writing, listening, and research/inquiry.  The three math areas are problem solving and modeling/data analysis (which are really two claims combined), concepts and procedures, and communicating reasoning.  The CST science test score is shown on a range from far below basic to advanced, while the EAP status is depicted on a range from standard exceeded to standard not met.

In addition to this resource, teachers and parents will find a plethora of information on GreatSchools‘ GreatKids State Test Guide for Parents:

  • what a student should have learned in each of the literacy and math areas, at his/her specific grade level
  • what a student may have struggled with if s/he did not meet or exceed the standard in that area
  • what parents can do to help their children develop these skills

***This year, ACOE’s Core Learning Team is preparing multiple professional development seminars to prepare students for the Smarter Balanced Assessment this spring.  View our offerings on Interpreting SBAC Assessment Data (math), Creating Literacy Performance Tasks (literacy), and Formative Assessment in Your Content-Area Classroom (literacy), among others.  Join us for these powerful and enriching sessions!

-Maria Vlahiotis, Literacy Specialist, ACOE Core Learning

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