Algebra 1 with Robots

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In August, a group of dedicated teachers came together to build a series of project based Algebra 1 with Robots units to support the Algebra 1 with Robotics and Computing class that is approved by UCOP for mathematics (‘c’) credit.  Approved course outline.

After two months of work, it is finally ready to be unveiled.

Projects can be found here.

Each project starts with an entry document that generates a need to know for the math topics the students will be learning. Most of the projects utilize robots so students have a physical way to interact with abstract concepts and learn the ideas in a different way than in a traditional classroom.IMG_1758

These projects are a work in progress. As the teachers here in Alameda County test them out over the course of this year, we will be updating them. If you find ways to make them better, or would like to contribute your own project, please contact Jim Town (jtown(a) This is an open source project, it can only get better with your help!

Though this course was written for the Barobo Linkbots in Python or Ch, many (if not all) of the projects can be adapted to work with other classroom robots (Finchbots, Lego NXT, etc). We would be happy to help you translate any of the projects and incorporate adjustments you made so that more teachers and students can benefit from this course. Please contact Jim Town (jtown(a) for assistance.

– Jim Town

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