LEDs, Circuits, and Math–Ohm My!

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Have you ever wondered how designers integrate lights, BlueTooth, fitness trackers, and other technology into clothing and accessories? This year, #MakingMath Expo participants will have an opportunity to explore the math behind wearable technology.

An example of wearable technology, these sensors detect muscle activity and movement, which are then processed through a program to translate sign language gestures into English. Credit: Texas A&M via LiveScience.com

Targeted to ages 6-90, this experiment involves discovering the difference between series and parallel circuits, as well as comparing the brightness of the different colors of sample LEDs. Participants will have a chance to analyze the forward voltages of various LEDs, using Ohm’s Law to calculate the resistance for different color lights.

The best part about the #MakingMath Expo? Folks who may be confused or intimidated by the math and science described above get to interact with the activity in a low-stakes, fun way. By the end of it, you will have a better understanding of at least one new math or science concept. We practically guarantee it (no money-back guarantee because the event is FREE!)

Come get inspired at our Making Math Expo on Saturday March 12,  where educators from around the Bay Area will be showing off their #makingMath projects at Lighthouse Community Charter School in Oakland.  This is a day dedicated to the fun and exciting world of Problem Solving, where students, teachers, and parents will have various opportunities to apply their math and problem-solving skills.  Come experience an assortment of non-traditional problems that will work your thinking muscles, and understand why the Mathematical Practices must be an integral part of every math classroom.  All participants will leave with strategies and tools to improve student problem-solving abilities.


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