Teaching Math for Social Justice

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Last week was the final convening of the Social Justice Math study group, where a group of elementary through community college math teachers came together to try and figure out what it means to be a math educator with a social justice lens.

While there are many entry points to the concept, our 6-session survey course examined some of the dominant ideologies that are framing the current conversation:

  1. What is Social Justice Math?
  2. Math Literacy as a Justice Issue
  3. Integrating Economic and Social Justice Issues into the Classroom
  4. Culturally Responsive Teaching
  5. Motivating and Equipping our Students Towards Action
  6. Being a Social Justice Math Educator Connector

If you would like to explore this concept more, additional resources from our group are available at socialjusticemath.acoe.org. We will be facilitating another round of this group next year, with an increased focus on lesson design and refinement of pedagogy. Stay tuned for future posts with more information!

-Celine Liu, Math Specialist

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