Day: March 4, 2015

Spoonlick’s Spoons

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The first featured table at the Making Math Expo is hosted by ACOE Core Learning’s own Jim Town.  At his table you will be tasked with designing a vessel that holds exactly a tablespoon.  You will then create your vessel using CAD software.  After your design is realized in the CAD software, you can print out your design on a 3D printer and take it home.  The only catch is you must scale your design so that it only prints a teaspoon sized vessel.

So come see us on March 28th between 9am and 3pm at Lighthouse Charter School in Oakland and make some math!

If you are a teacher who wants to use this project in your classroom, supporting documents and scaffolding activities can be found here.

(pictures from US patents 3931741 and 2654252)