Free Tools to Learn Anything

Khan Academy

“Our mission to provide a world-class education for anyone, anywhere.” All Khan Academy content is available for free at

Knowmia — a crowdsourced video platform designed to help teachers find and create video lessons and content on many areas of

Reviewed here

Free, curated multimedia lessons and units. Teachers and students can use and remix wide variety of web content. Free learning
Read EdSurge review

OpenEd is the largest K-12 educational resource library, offering over a million videos, games, assessments and exercises for every Common Core Math, Language Arts, Literacy and Next Generation Science standards. Teachers can create their own lessons and assessments using this content. Most of the content is free.
Reviewed here

Quizlet is a flashcard-based study tool that lets learners of all types create, share and study custom content by playing simple games.
EdSurge review here

An Open Education Resource (OER) for K-12 featuring curated STEM resources and Open Source textbooks. Teachers can make their own textbooks and remix others, assign practices and keep track of student progress.
Common Sense review here

Visit the links below to access all of our online resources:


Social Studies

Lesson Creation Tools

Formative Assessment Tools

Multimedia and Graphics

Miss the old Symbaloo site? Follow this link!

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