Formative Assessments

Formative Assessment Tools

The tools listed here will help you get immediate feedback from your students. They allow for you to create quick quizzes, polls, and let your students respond to teacher-created prompts. Some of these allow you to create assessments on the fly, or to use pre-made quizzes questions based on your content, or 3rd party offerings.

ExamTime is a very powerful and versatile tool that is not limited to formative assessments or polls. It does what many other types of apps do, and in some ways even better. Yes, you can easily create quizzes, or try those made by the community. But with the basic account you can also make very elegant mind maps, or flash cards, study groups and more. It is free, but you will quickly run out of ‘space’.

Part of Mastery Connect, Socrative is a formative assessment platform that tracks immediate responses from students in any web device. Students can interface with a downloaded app and teachers can create polls and quizzes with True/False, multiple choice and open-ended response. Data and analytics can be used in real time to inform instruction.

Padlet is an easy and engaging way to promote audience participation and gather responses on the fly. It works like a corkboard that everyone can see and contribute to. Different settings allow for different engagement options, and users are allowed to upload 3rd party content easily. It’s an ACOE crowd pleaser and useful for PDs as well as for informally gathering everyone’s response.

Exit Ticket was developed by teachers and admins at Leadership Public Schools as an internal tool to gather quick student feedback. It has now launched as a full-fledged platform with lots of free and premium features. The basic teacher plan is great and allows for fast item creation and students don’t need an app to respond to prompts.

Poll Everywhere is a widely used audience feedback platform that has an education version available for free for classes of up to 40 students. Students can send their responses via SMS.
Poll Everywhere for K12

Use Kahoot to gamify your formative assessments. Like other tools, you can create online quizzes and questions, and students respond from their devices. The User Interface is more child-friendly and “fun”. Teachers can upload images and link to videos. It is free and works on any browser. Read a how-to here.

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