Lesson Creation and Presentation Tools

Lesson Creation and Presentation Tools

These days teachers have a wide selection of free, high-quality lesson creation and authoring tools at their fingertips. The tools below all allow for content to be created, mixed and repurposed for your own academic needs. Whether you are a teacher making lessons for your students, or a student showcasing your learning through interactive digital projects, these sites, apps and tools let you extend the reach of your teaching and learning experience by allowing you to make content that is more engaging, eye-popping and potentially more transformative. Many of these offer analytics and embedded assessments, and may or may not offer additional premium features.

Lesson Creation and Sharing

Blendspace is built for blended, flipped or project-based learning environments. Teachers can create lessons, embed quizzes, and monitor student progress using 3rd party web content as well as in-app resources. Integrate YouTube, Google Apps, Dropbox and others to put together sequential lessons for students. www.blendspace.com Common Sense Graphite Review here

Educreations lets teachers and students create their own Khan Academy-style video lessons, with voice over capabilities. They can also access lessons created by others. Available free online, and in iTunes as an iPad app.www.educreations.com/

Reviewed by Edshelf here

The Nearpod platform enables teachers to manage student content on any device. It combines presentation, collaboration, and real-time assessment tools in an elegant way. Nearpod stands out for its versatility and advanced features that allow for the creation and sharing of live content between teachers and students. /www.nearpod.com/
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Doceri is an interactive whiteboard for the iPad. It is highly rated and offers a variety of configurations for screencasting and recording lessons. It is not as simple to use or set up as others, but it allows users to sync with computers and projectors remotely via Airplay.Students and teachers can use it to showcase how they arrived at a solution step-by-step via playback asynchronously or on the fly without having to stand next to the board. doceri.com/
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With Zaption you can leverage the power of video to create interactive multimedia learning experiences. Teachers can create video lessons using existing YouTube, Vimeo, and various other sources, then add text, formative assesments, annotations and more. Analytics lets teachers see who has responded to in-video prompts. Great for flipped classrooms and teachers tired of pausing a video to explain a concept. www.zaption.com/ Read how a history teacher uses Zaption here

Adobe Voice is notable because it is incredibly easy to use. It is also a bit limited compared to other creation tools here, but with Adobe Voice students and teachers can create quick, engaging slideshows combined with voiceover. Templates exist to help you frame your story, or lesson. Only for iPad currently.getvoice.adobe.com/
Watch a video about Adobe Voice here

Prezi is now becoming a standard because of its elegance and because it is relatively easy to learn to use. Make zoomable, spinning, shareable presentations that students and teachers can collaborate on. If you are still using PowerPoint (not included in this list) you are probably boring your audience. Not for those prone to motion sickness. Try the EDU version for free at: prezi.com/prezi-for-education/
This is a must-see example

Use PowToon to make comic-style animated presentations. Use templates and icons, or add your own. Drag and drop interface with timeline and many sharing options. It may be a bit challenging to make an entire lesson using PowToon as there are many moving parts, but it is a great tool for student projects, quick demos, and shorter content.www.powtoon.com
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Emaze is the newest addition to the PowerPoint shamer apps. It is a freemium presentation app with many themes that include 3D animations and transitions. One big advantage is that it is built with HTML5, so it should work on any device. www.emaze.com Watch a video demo here

Other notables:


Easy to use slide presentation toolMake Videos using a variety of content to mix and trim, including YouTubeHTML5 based slide creation tool. 3D effects and simple interface.Creaza is a multimedia tool that allows teachers to create and assign presentationsCollaborate with others making slides online.Online slide presentation software.



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