Multimedia and Graphics

Technology in classrooms can be used for a lot more than just delivering content area lessons, or assessments. It offer a chance for students, as well as teachers, to extend and enrich their learning in creative and engaging ways. The following tools are all free and allow for students to draw, make infographics, diagrams, and more. Similar tools can also be found in our Lesson Creation and Presentation Tools page

Autodesk’s Pixlr Editor offers free, Photoshop-like capabilities on modern web browsers. Teachers and students can upload their own images, edit, and download them again. Supports layers, filters, drawing, text cropping and many more

Sumo paint is slightly less versatile than Pixlr, but it is easy for students to learn and it is browser-based. From chicken-scratch novices to manga super illustrators, Sumo Paint will help students refine their artistic craft. Features an online community of users who share and comment on the

Verold is a 3D authoring platform and community. Users create amazing and professional 3D models and animations on a web browser. It is not an entry-level piece of software, but it is one of the most robust and amazing tools available online. Build a working model of the solar system, the pyramids of Giza… View an example here.

Similar to Verold, students can make 3D models and work in a 3D environment with Sketchfab. It is easier to use and not packed with as many features, making it a better option for those who want to quickly onboard into the 3D maker The wonders of the world in Sketchfab

If you have a 3D printer you will want to check out Tinkercad. Make 3D models that you can actually print. You can import vector files, design your own models, collaborate on projects, and generate files that will print solid figures. Excellent tutorials and easy interface make this a premier app for makers, or people who just want to visualize their ideas.

Chromatik is a music platform where students of various instruments can find digitized sheet music and play along with live recordings in a multitude of genres. Students can practice and share their performances with
Reviewed here

With Animoto teachers and students can quickly and easily create videos using templates and soundtracks. It cuts out all the video production and editing, and lets you focus on telling your story. Apply for a free education account here: Animoto for Educators/
Read a lesson example here

There are many tools to make infographics online, but Piktochart is one of the easiest to learn and offers many customization options and templates for free. Every infographic can also become a 3D presentation.
View a sample gallery. Two other infographic tools are Vennage which some say is the easiest to learn, and Easelly which offers similar features.

Other cool tools 3D modeling Google Drive diagrams
InspireArt:draw and sketch with flair
Neon draw
LucidChart: Make diagrams and mockups.

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