Prepare your students for the Smarter Balanced Assessment with the links below.


Smarter Balanced Visit the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium page for the latest assessment news and resources.

caasp CAASPP contains California’s Smarter Balanced Assessment practice and training tests.

GreatKids! You received your students’ scores…but what do they mean? This guide explains the scores to parents (and teachers!), and gives helpful suggestions for next steps to take to build student muscle around each claim.

CA Students on Track This web page, provided by CAASPP, explains the student scores on the CAASPP..

CDE Video The California Department of Education has created this video to help students and their guardians understand the CAASPP Individual Student Score Report.

CDE Explanation In addition, the CDE has created this web page, which contains all versions of the score reports, by grade level.

Creating an SBAC-Like Performance Task (Literacy) View our presentation on how to create an SBAC-Like Performance Task for literacy!

ELA Performance Tasks Click on our icon to view all of the ELA/literacy practice tests as PDF documents. (Grades 3-8, 11)

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