English Language Development

English Language Development

Become acquainted with the ELD standards, learn about instructional strategies that support ELLs, and explore online tools to help your ELL students succeed.


Frameworks and Research

View the California Department of Education’s English Language Development Standards.

The ELA/ELD Framework bridges the CCSS ELA/Literacy Standards with the ELD Standards, for a more clear understanding of how to support ELLs through Integrated (for all) and Designated (for ELLs) ELD instruction.

This table of contents “cheat sheet” will help you navigate the ELA/ELD Framework! (The grade-level chapters, which begin in chapter 3, are a particularly helpful resource for teachers.)

See our ELA/ELD Framework vignette and snapshot resource that directly links to each vignette/snapshot, as well as highlights the content areas and grades addressed.

Colorin Colorado has created this helpful, Common Core-aligned rubric to use with your English language learners.

“Double the Work” outlines the “challenges and solutions to acquiring language and academic literacy for adolescent English language learners.”

Instructional Strategies

The NY Times recommends ten instructional strategies to support your English language learners.

Understanding Language is Stanford University’s teaching resources page for ideas in supporting ELLs in the content areas.

Best Practices for ELLs provides research-based practices and strategies for implementing quality ELD programs at your site.

everythingESL is a blog dedicated to providing information for teaching English language learners.

Free Online Learning

Duolingo is a top-notch language learning website, wherein learners of all ages can learn another language for FREE. (This is very similar to Rosetta Stone.)

Translate any word on any website into your native language or into English.

MindSnacks offers iOS and Android apps for learning and practicing languages. Their Kids’ Vocab app helps ELLs learn English vocabulary (and other languages) through gaming.

English High Flyers is a free iOS game that helps students practice their vocabulary skills.

Play this free game in order to sharpen your English vocabulary, while donating ten grains of rice (per correct answer) to those in need, through the World Food Programme!

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