Our Approach

Our Approach

Preparing students to be critical thinkers and strong communicators in a digital world


Our Approach

Our literacy and assessment team collaborates with leaders to strategically execute the Common Core Standards and implement the Smarter Balanced Assessment. Professional development sessions are customized to fit the needs of schools are interactive, and the latest online resources and Technological tools are woven into the process. Together, we shape the future by helping students reach higher levels of literacy achievement across content.

Sessions developed in collaboration with districts

Developing Rigor in Classrooms

  • Utilize research based thinking models as a basis for establishing systematic classroom approaches to literacy instruction
  • Effectively utilize language & literacy strategies to promote student engagement and thinking
  • Develop the conditions for academic conversations in classrooms
  • Create 21st century classrooms that utilize technology so students develop the skills required to be college and career ready

Focus on Content Standards

  • Develop a Scope and Sequence aligned to the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Literacy
  • Develop depth of knowledge about literacy standards through unit design utilizing research based instructional frameworks
  • Develop performance tasks for each unit in the Scope and Sequence

Building Coherence Across Grade Level & Content Teams

  • Build capacity of teacher leaders to drive the discussion about the progression of literacy development across grade levels and content


  • Develop a deep understanding of the Smarter Balanced Assessment Blueprint


Trish Anderson
Program Assistant

Sasha Kirkman
Program Director, Literacy

Maria Vlahiotis
Program Manager, Literacy


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