About the Core Learning Math Team

 Our Approach

Our Mathematics team collaborates with leaders to strategically implement the Common Core Standards and implement the Smarter Balanced Assessment. Professional development sessions are interactive, customized to fit the needs of schools and leverages the latest online resources and technological tools. Together, we can shape the future by helping students reach higher levels of math achievement.

Sessions developed in collaboration with districts

Developing Rigor in Classrooms

  • Design cognitively rigorous lessons which prepare students for success in the 21st century

Focus on Content Standards

  • Identify the Common Core-associated shifts in grade- and course-level content so students are equipped for success in each subsequent year of math education

Building Coherence Across Grade Level Teams

  • The Common Core State Standards for Mathematics were written to ensure mathematical coherence within and across grade levels. Build site- and district-level coherence through a common understanding of the connections and foundations for mathematical domains.


  • Deepen understanding of the Smarter Balanced Assessment; locate SBAC-alike tasks to prepare students for the next generation of assessments.

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