Alameda County C-STEM Initiative

In today’s technology rich world students need to be able to think computationally and algorithmically.  The high stakes testing paradigm we are recovering from may not have left any child behind, but it did leave computer science behind.  We at ACOE Core Learning believe every child should be exposed to computer science principles before they graduate, but too few do.

What were doing to help:
C-STEM Monthly Meetings – Any Alameda County teacher is welcome to attend these meetings designed to support teachers implementing computer science in their classes.
C-STEM Google Group – Group for discussing C-STEM related issues
C-STEM Wiki – Wiki for lessons ready to share with the world.
Project Euler in Scratch – An evolving list of Project Euler problems with math content addressed that can be solved using Scratch.

Other Resources:
UC Davis C-STEM – Yearly Linkbot competition engages hundreds of students around the state.

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