Instructional Strategies

Instructional Strategies

Cooperative Learning Strategies

  • Essential 5 Kagan Structures: Easy to implement and modify, these structures are a great starting place for building a culture of teamwork and collaboration in the math classroom.
  • Kagan Structures: extensive list of cooperative learning structures with descriptions


Questions to Engage Student Discussion

  • Number (or Math) Talks: Number Talks help students make sense of the math they are learning and encourage multiple solution strategies.
  • Would You Rather?: Questions requiring students to choose their own path and justify their choice. “Would you rather a pound of quarters or a pound of dimes?” “Would you rather use a 70% discount coupon OR a 40% discount, 20% discount, then 10% discount coupon on your entire purchase?”
  • Open Middle: A collection of questions with the attributes that Dan Meyer refers to as “open middle:” a) “closed beginning”–all students start with the same initial problem; b) “closed end”–all students end with the same answer; c) “open middle”–there are multiple ways to approach and ultimately solve the problem
  • Estimation 180: A collection of estimation challenges that helps students develop both number sense and problem solving skills.

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